Leak in MiniZip

I'm using MiniZip to unzip a file in an iPhone project. Everything works fine but i get a leak in instruments in the MiniZip code on this line :

unzip.c line 493

return (unzFile)s;

I understand that the var allocated with ALLOC is returned and not deallocated. In objective-C i would simply do an autorelease, but how can i achieve that in plain C ?

Thanks, Vincent.


The caller of that method is responsible for s and must free() it when it is no longer required to avoid the memory leak. This is the convention in C.

You would have to tie in a 3rd-party GC library, perhaps something like Hans Boehm's GC for C/C++. However, my suggestion would be to just free the memory when it is appropriate on your own. You'll run into less hassles that way.

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