Browser compatibility problem

This page : works fine on FF and Chrome. It shows all the images but it's not showing images in IE. Why is that? I am using simple tables. Can anyone guess what's wrong?


This rule: #content img, #content p img { max-width: 100%; } is causing IE to freak out.. Try removing the max-width.

IE7 is supposed to support it, but its quirky.

One problem I see is that the header where it says "Credit Solution Group Member" is a png. IE6 doesn't support png transparency so it creates this gray background. I would change it to a gif, it looks like a pretty simple image so wouldn't affect the quality. If you really want to keep it as a png though you can use the alpha image loader:

IE 7 and 8 seems to be having a problem displaying the main images.

Edit: Yea try simshaun's suggestion

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