Buttons are not visible in winform application

We have a wierd issue here. We have a win-form application. The application has a tabbed form with few textboxs, combo boxes and 3 bottons. The application runs fine in most machines but in 1 machine the buttons are not visible . Rest all are working fine. Just the buttons are invisible. But the button is present as Iam able to fire the event using tab and enter. We have checked the log.but cannot find any exceptions logged. We have checked various resolution but didnt help.

Any help ?

Buttons are at the bottom of the screen just above the taksbar. Taskbar is visible. We have checked the dotnet frame work .Its fine Issue is found in a Vista Machine

Thanks in Advance


My guess would be that the one machine has a different DPI setting. Perhaps it's pushing the buttons more downwards than they're supposed to be and that causes the buttons to disappear beneath the border of the form?

Also, I'd check the buttons' Anchor property to see where they're anchored to and that they're not moved around by weird window size to behind something else.

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