Weird problem with Spring MVC, Bean Validation using @Valid and Hibernate

I have an application uses bean validation in 50 domain classes. It has worked for months without any problems using @Valid in the Spring MVC controllers.

Now all of a sudden, I have made many fields "lazy" in Hibernate to improve performance. I have had to deal with all sorts of weird issues, from equals() method no longer working, to objects being in the session crashing because the data wasn't loaded.

I have come across a very weird problem now where I am loading the data into a session attribute on a Spring MVC form, the view renders it properly, but when passed to @Valid, it reports ALL of the fields to have errors even though the data is 100% valid.

public class EducationFacility extends DomainObject {

    /* Members */
    @NotEmpty(message = "{}")
    private String name;

    private Address address = new Address();

    @Pattern(message = "{educationFacility.phoneNumber.valid}",
        regexp = "(\\()?(\\d){3}(\\))?(\\s|-)(\\d){3}(\\s|-)(\\d){4}")
    private String phoneNumber = "";

Here's the hibernate definition:

<class name="jobprep.domain.educationfacility.EducationFacility" table="education_facility">
    <id name="id" column="education_facility_id" type="long">
        <generator class="native" />
    <property name="name" column="name"/>
    <component name="address" class="jobprep.domain.educationfacility.Address">
        <property name="address" column="address"/>
        <property name="postalCode" column="postal_code"/>
        <many-to-one name="province" class="jobprep.domain.educationfacility.Province" column="province_id"  />
    <property name="phoneNumber" column="phone_number"/>
    <property name="isEnabled" column="is_enabled"/>
    <property name="homepageViewable" column="homepage_viewable" />
    <property name="coursesCreated" />
    <many-to-one name="admin" class="jobprep.domain.user.Admin" column="admin_id" />
    <many-to-one name="director" class="jobprep.domain.educationfacility.Director"
                 column="director_id" cascade="all" />
    <bag name="teachers" inverse="true" cascade="all-delete-orphan" order-by="username asc">
        <key column="education_facility_id" />
        <one-to-many class="jobprep.domain.teacher.Teacher" />
    <bag name="students" inverse="true" cascade="all-delete-orphan" order-by="username asc">
        <key column="student_education_facility_id" />
        <one-to-many class="jobprep.domain.student.Student"/>
    <bag name="ipRestrictions" inverse="true" cascade="all-delete-orphan">
        <key column="education_facility_id" />
        <one-to-many class="jobprep.domain.educationfacility.IpRestriction" />
    <bag name="allowedModules" table="education_facility_to_module"
         inverse="false" lazy="true">
        <key column="education_facility_id" />
        <many-to-many class="jobprep.domain.module.Module" column="module_id"/>

Here's the controller definition:

public class MyEducationFacilityController extends ControllerSupport {

Here's the MVC's save method:

    @RequestMapping(value = "/save", method = RequestMethod.POST)
    public String save(@Valid EducationFacility educationFacility, BindingResult result, SessionStatus status) {
        if(result.hasErrors()) {
            return view("index");
        } else {

            return redirect("?complete=true");

Here's the errors Spring is Added to the binding result when save() is invoked by Spring. These are totally wrong:

{org.springframework.validation.BindingResult.educationFacility=org.springframework.validation.BeanPropertyBindingResult: 4 errors
    Field error in object 'educationFacility' on field 'phoneNumber': rejected value [(519) 254-3678]; codes [Pattern.educationFacility.phoneNumber,Pattern.phoneNumber,,Pattern]; arguments [ codes [educationFacility.phoneNumber,phoneNumber]; arguments []; default message [phoneNumber],[Ljavax.validation.constraints.Pattern$Flag;@29895454,(\()?(\d){3}(\))?(\s|-)(\d){3}(\s|-)(\d){4}]; default message [Must be of the form: ###-###-####]
    Field error in object 'educationFacility' on field 'address.address': rejected value [Windsor]; codes [NotEmpty.educationFacility.address.address,NotEmpty.address.address,NotEmpty.address,,NotEmpty]; arguments [ codes [educationFacility.address.address,address.address]; arguments []; default message [address.address]]; default message [Address may not be empty]
    Field error in object 'educationFacility' on field 'name': rejected value [Catholic School Board]; codes [,,,NotEmpty]; arguments [ codes [,name]; arguments []; default message [name]]; default message [Name may not be empty]
    Field error in object 'educationFacility' on field 'address.postalCode': rejected value [N9a 2a5]; codes [Pattern.educationFacility.address.postalCode,Pattern.address.postalCode,Pattern.postalCode,,Pattern]; arguments [ codes [educationFacility.address.postalCode,address.postalCode]; arguments []; default message [address.postalCode],[Ljavax.validation.constraints.Pattern$Flag;@29895454,[a-zA-Z]\d[a-zA-Z](\s|-)\d[a-zA-Z]\d]; default message [Postal Code must be of the format: a#a-#a#], educationFacility=class jobprep.domain.educationfacility.EducationFacility{id=3}}



Just a guess, but try to set contraint annotations on getters instead of fields. Perhaps state of the fields doesn't match values returned by getters due to some lazy-loading magic.

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