How do I resolve '@echo' is not a recognized command

I've implemented Scott Hanselman's method for keeping up with a dev/qa/prod version of web.config:

For some reason when I compile my project I get this error message in my output window. Any ideas?

------ Build started: Project: ABC.Flims.Web, Configuration: Development Any CPU ------
"C:\Projects\ballyhoo-trunk\src\ABC.Flims.Web\scripts/copyifnewer.bat" "C:\Projects\ballyhoo-trunk\src\ABC.Flims.Web\web.config.Development" "C:\Projects\ballyhoo-trunk\src\ABC.Flims.Web\web.config"
'@echo' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.  

Here is the script file:

@echo off
echo Comparing two files: %1 with %2

if not exist %1 goto File1NotFound
if not exist %2 goto File2NotFound

fc %1 %2 

echo Files are not the same.  Copying %1 over %2
copy %1 %2 /y & goto END

echo Files are the same.  Did nothing
goto END

echo %1 not found.
goto END

copy %1 %2 /y
goto END

echo Done.


The file is probably Unicode encoded and has a Byte Order Mark (BOM) at the start that is throwing off the batch processor.

Save it as an ASCII file and you should be OK. You can do this in notepad - select Save As... from the File menu and ensure that the Encoding dropdown is set to ANSI.

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