How to add Shared via when sharing content from an Android app to popular social networks?

My Android application allows users to read full articles from various blogs and share the posts using Android's in-built sent action:

Intent shareIntent = new Intent(android.content.Intent.ACTION_SEND);

When I share an article, Twitter indicates it is shared via Twitter for Android, and Facebook simply has an RSS icon with no "shared via" at all.

What is the procedure of getting my app's title to appear next to "Shared via" for those social networks?


With Twitter you'd need to do the sharing directly through your own application, the API key you use to share with is associated with the 'shared via' link. If you share through another twitter application like Twitter's official app or TweetDeck then the 'share via' link will be to their app as the article was shared using their api key. There are libraries and tutorial on how to implement twitter api yourself.

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