Will learning WPF improve my skills in ASP.NET?

I have worked in Windows Forms for years, and still do. I'm not acquainted at all with the ASP.NET technology and no other Web related technology.

I have worked with:

  1. Oracle Form Builder;
  2. Visual dBase 7.5;
  3. Delphi 2.0, 3.0 and 7.0;
  4. Sybase Power Builder 10.5;
  5. Visual Basic 6;
  6. Visual Basic 2003/2005/2008;
  7. And ultimately, Visual C# 2005/2008.

I'm mostly a C# programmer with a growing experience in VB.NET for the current year.

What would be the way to go to learn WPF the best possible way while taking into account my experience?

And I'd like to know, will learning WPF improve my skills in ASP.NET and the like?

Thanks for your tips and hints everyone! =)


No. Working in WPF will improve your skill in WPF (unless you consider the general gains you get when working in any .NET language...in which case working in anything .NET will improve your ASP.NET skills).

If you want to improve your ASP.NET skillset, work with ASP.NET.

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