JInternalFrame to front and focussed

How does one push a JInternalFrame to the top of all the frames in a JDesktopPane?


Read the JInternalFrame API and follow the link to the Swing tutorial on "How to Use Internal Frames" where you will find a working example of how to "select" the active internal frame.

try grabFocus() and requestFocus(). One of the should work. I personally used only requestFocus().

In this example, a javax.swing.Action is used to select frames from a menu.

The OP has noted that setSelected was not working, and he needed to call activateFrame manually. This sounds similar to an issue I was having with GTKLookAndFeel. I had an application that was all wired up to use setSelected to eventually trigger activateFrame. Worked fine with Windows and Mac native look and feel; activateFrame would get called automatically.

On Ubuntu, the system selected LaF was GTKLookAndFeel and for whatever reason this was not calling activateFrame. It didn't appear that setSelected was throwing an error or anything, it just wasn't getting around to calling activateFrame as the other LaFs seem to do. I think it's a GTKLookAndFeel compatibility issue.

In the end I punted on this and just prohibited GTKLookAndFeel, replacing it with Metal. Motif also had the compatible behavior (but it's so ugly...). The code looks something like this:

if (UIManager.getLookAndFeel() instanceof com.sun.java.swing.plaf.gtk.GTKLookAndFeel)

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