The 'Permanent' SessionFactory, ASP.NET MVC and nHibernate

I've been building an application with Fluent nHibernate/ASP.NET MVC - and I've dug around and figured out that it's considered most appropriate practice to keep a 'permanent' SessionFactory open, and then use sessions for each request to the database. Okay, this sounds good...

I'm quite confused on how to accomplish this, though. Everything I find assumes an entire structured framework that uses some kind of IoC container system ...and that's just too advanced for what I have so far. Are there any more simple examples of how to implement this kind of design?

I've taken a look at Where can I find a good NHibernate and ASP.NET MVC Reference Application

And even read the book "ASP.NET MVC in Action", but it's example is just far more complicated than what I am trying to achieve. I thought a singleton model would work in the Application_Start of the 'global.asax' but that didn't yield the results I had hoped for. It would keep disposing of my factory and never recreating it.


You could expose the ISessionFactory as singleton:

public sealed class FactoryManager
    private static readonly ISessionFactory _instance = CreateSessionFactory();

    static FactoryManager()
    { }

    public static ISessionFactory Instance
        get { return _instance; }

    private static ISessionFactory CreateSessionFactory()
        // TODO: configure fluentnhibernate and create a session factory

Now you could use FactoryManager.Instance in your code:

using (var session = FactoryManager.Instance.OpenSession())
using (var tx = session.BeginTransaction())
    // TODO: use the session here

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