Contact form Not Working Keeps Giving Me Array

So I have this contact script which works great in firefox but whenever anyone tries it in ie 7 or 8 the plan always returns array and for the life of me I cant figure out what I did wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  if(!$_POST) exit;

    $name     = $_POST['name'];
    $email    = $_POST['email'];
    $phone    = $_POST['phone'];
    $cname    = $_POST['cname'];
    $address1    = $_POST['address'];
    $address2    = $_POST['address2'];
    $city    = $_POST['city'];
    $state    = $_POST['state'];
    $zip    = $_POST['zip'];
    $plan   = $_POST['plan'];
    $verify   = $_POST['verify'];

    if(trim($name) == '') {
        echo '<div class="error_message">Attention! You must enter your name.</div>';
    } else if(trim($email) == '') {
        echo '<div class="error_message">Attention! Please enter a valid email address.</div>';
    } else if(trim($phone) == '') {
        echo '<div class="error_message">Attention! Please enter a valid phone number.</div>';
    } else if(!is_numeric($phone)) {
        echo '<div class="error_message">Attention! Phone number can only contain digits.</div>';
    } else if(!isEmail($email)) {
        echo '<div class="error_message">Attention! You have enter an invalid e-mail address, try again.</div>';
    if(trim($cname) == '') {
        echo '<div class="error_message">Attention! Please enter your Company Name.</div>';
    if(trim($address1) == '') {
        echo '<div class="error_message">Attention! Please enter your Address.</div>';
    if(trim($city) == '') {
        echo '<div class="error_message">Attention! Please enter your city.</div>';
    if(trim($state) == '') {
        echo '<div class="error_message">Attention! Please enter your state.</div>';
    if(trim($zip) == '') {
        echo '<div class="error_message">Attention! Please enter your zip code.</div>';
    else if(trim($verify) == '') {
        echo '<div class="error_message">Attention! Please enter the verification number.</div>';
    } else if(trim($verify) != '4') {
        echo '<div class="error_message">Attention! The verification number you entered is incorrect.</div>';

    if($error == '') {

        if(get_magic_quotes_gpc()) {
            $comments = stripslashes($comments);

     // Configuration option.
     // Enter the email address that you want to emails to be sent to.
     // Example $address = "";

     $address = "";

     // Configuration option.
     // i.e. The standard subject will appear as, "You've been contacted by John Doe."

     // Example, $e_subject = '$name . ' has contacted you via Your Website.';

     $e_subject = 'Veterans Career Fair: You\'ve been contacted by ' . $name . '.';

     // Configuration option.
     // You can change this if you feel that you need to.
     // Developers, you may wish to add more fields to the form, in which case you must be sure to add them here.

     $e_body = "You have been contacted by $name from $cname, they wish to sign up for the $plan Plan. Their additional information is as follows:\r\n\n";
     $e_reply = "Contact $name via email, $email or via phone $phone. \r\n\n";
     $e_mail =  "Address of $name is: $address1 $address2, $city, $state $zip";

     $msg = $e_body . $e_reply . $e_mail;

     if(mail($address, $e_subject, $msg, "From: $email\r\nReply-To: $email\r\nReturn-Path: $email\r\n")) {

     // Email has sent successfully, echo a success page.

     echo "<fieldset>";         
     echo "<div id='success_page'>";
     echo "<h1>Email Sent Successfully.</h1>";
     echo "<p>Thank you <strong>$name</strong>, your message has been submitted to us.</p>";
     echo "<p>You should hear from us in 48 hours</p>";
     echo "</div>";
     echo "</fieldset>";

     } else {

     echo 'ERROR!';



   function isEmail($email) { // Email address verification, do not edit.



The Html

            <form method="post" action="bin/sendme.php" name="contactform" id="contactform">
                <label>Full Name</label>
                <input name="name" type="text" id="name" size="30" value="" /><br />
                <input name="email" type="text" id="email" size="30" value="" /><br />
                <input name="phone" type="text" id="phone" size="30" value="" /><br />                      
                <label>Company Name</label>
                <input name="cname" type="text" id="cname" size="30" value="" /><br />                      
                <label>Address 1</label>
                <input name="address" type="text" id="address" size="30" value="" /><br />                      
                <label>Address 2</label>
                <input name="address2" type="text" id="address2" size="30" value="" /><br />                        
                <input name="city" type="text" id="city" size="30" value="" /><br />                        
                <input name="state" type="text" id="state" size="30" value="" /><br />                      
                <label>Zip Code</label>
                <input name="zip" type="text" id="zip" size="30" value="" /><br />
                <select name="plan" type="text" id="plan">
                    <option value="Platinum">Platinum Sponsorship</option>
                    <option value="Gold">Gold Sponsorship</option>
                    <option value="Silver">Silver Sponsorship</option>
                    <option value="Survey">Survey Sponsorship</option>  
                    <option value="Marquee">Marquee Sponsorship</option>                            
                <label>3 + 1 =</label>
                <input name="verify" type="text" id="verify" size="4" value="" style="width: 30px;" /><br /><br />
                <input type="submit" class="submit" id="submit" value="REGISTER NOW" /> 

The Jquery



    var action = $(this).attr('action');

    $("#message").slideUp(750,function() {

        .after('<img src="assets/ajax-loader.gif" class="loader" />')

    $.post(action, { 
        name: $('#name').val(),
        email: $('#email').val(),
        phone: $('#phone').val(),
        cname: $('#cname').val(),
        address: $('#address').val(),
        city: $('#city').val(),
        state: $('#state').val(),
        zip: $('#zip').val(),
        plan: $('#plan').val(),
        verify: $('#verify').val()
            document.getElementById('message').innerHTML = data;
            $('#contactform img.loader').fadeOut('slow',function(){$(this).remove()});
            $('#contactform #submit').attr('disabled',''); 
            if(data.match('success') != null) $('#contactform').slideUp('slow');



    return false; 



<select name="plan" type="text" id="plan"> should be <select name="plan" id="plan">

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