Regular expression to match all words ending with and containing three 'e's

I am trying to write a regular expression that matches all words so that the only vowel is e and there are exactly three e's in the word, am writing this in python. I tried writing

(?= e){3}[^aiou]*

but it didn't work.


You want three e's, such that the stuff in between consists of non-vowels. You want a word, i.e. stuff that has a word boundary on either side.

Thus: a word boundary, zero or more non-vowels, an e, zero or more non-vowels, an e, zero or more non-vowels, an e, zero or more non-vowels, and a word boundary. But we can simplify that by grouping up the repeated pattern: a word boundary, three times: (zero or more non-vowels, an e), zero or more non-vowels, and a word boundary.

In regex-speak: \b(?:[^aeiou]*e){3}[^aeiou]*\b.

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