Trigger for re-setting auto-increment of tables in phpMyadmin

I have a database, tvguide and these are the values:

programme varchar 255 
default value (which is from another table
with list of programs, the only linked field that
is shared with other table):<b><a href="gossipgirl.php">Gossip Girl</a></b>
channel varchar 255
airdate DATETIME - actual airtime
displayair DATETIME (rounded-up datetime, e.g. programme that airs 1.59pm 
would be shown as 2.00pm, or 6.08pm as 6.10pm)
expiration DATETIME - when program finishes
episode VARCHAR 255 NULL - has null option if episode unknown
series VARCHAR 255
epno VARCHAR 255 - episode number
setreminder VARCHAR255 (shows "set reminder", sends email to user, but that's 
another thing to work on).

I want to insert a trigger into my database so that if a record is deleted, the ID auto-increment re-sets itself automatically?

Any ideas on how to accomplish this? I've done it manually so far but am looking at seeing what I can do with phpMyadmin when I delete the record.

BTW I made a copy of the table for backup purposes.



I agree with whitstone86's comment that you can just "let it grow".

Having said that, to change the AUTO_INCREMENT at any time, you can just run an ALTER TABLE.

Some pseudo code...

SELECT MAX(id)+1 AS max_id_plus_one FROM my_table;

ALTER TABLE my_table AUTO_INCREMENT = $max_id_plus_one;

For production, race conditions might be an issue. However, if it's just you puttering around in phpmyadmin, this should suffice.

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