object - How top most base class got Method.

Yesterday i gone through some article about EventAggregator, there some shot of code written like this,

(Message.Text as object).PublishEvent(PublishEventNames.MessageTextChanged);

 public static class ExtensionServices
        //Supplying event broking mechanizm to each object in the application.
        public static void PublishEvent<TEventsubject>(this TEventsubject eventArgs, string eventTopic)
                .Publish(new EventParameters<TEventsubject> { Topic = eventTopic, Value = eventArgs });

My question is, how the object got the method "PublishEvent". Is my OOP understanding is wrong?


It was implemented as an Extension Method on the object class.

For example, this extension method (from the linked article):

public static class MyExtensions
    public static int WordCount(this String str)
        return str.Split(new char[] { ' ', '.', '?' }, 

Is defined on the String class (by using the this String syntax and a static method on a static class) .

In the project that this is defined in String now has a WordCount method (so long as it is also in the correct namespace).

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