Scala: How to make requirements of the type parametres of generic classes?

I'm creating some parameterized classes C[T] and I want to make some requirements of the characteristics of the type T to be able to be a parameter of my class. It would be simple if I just wanted to say that T inherited from traits or classes (as we do with Ordering). But I want it to implement some functions as well.

For example, I've seen that many pre-defined types implement MinValue and MaxValue, I would like my type T to implement these too. I've received some advice to just define an implicit function. But I wouldn't like that all the users were obliged to implement this function for these when it is already implemented. I could implement them at my code too, but it seems just to be a poor quick fix.

For example, when defining heaps, I would like to allowd users to construct a empty Heap. In these cases I want to inicialize value with the minimum value the type T could have. Obviously this code does not works.

class Heap[T](val value:T,val heaps:List[Heap[T]]){
    def this()=this(T.MinValue,List())

I also would love to receive some advice about really good online Scala 2.8 references.


A bunch of things, all loosely related by virtue of sharing a few methods (though with different return types). Sure sounds like ad-hoc polymorphism to me!

roll on the type class...

class HasMinMax[T] {
  def maxValue: T
  def minValue: T

implicit object IntHasMinMax extends HasMinMax[Int] {
  def maxValue = Int.MaxValue
  def minValue = Int.MinValue

implicit object DoubleHasMinMax extends HasMinMax[Double] {
  def maxValue = Double.MaxValue
  def minValue = Double.MinValue

// etc

class C[T : HasMinMax](param : T) {
  val bounds = implicitly[HasMinMax[T]]
  // now use bounds.minValue or bounds.minValue as required


The [T : HasMinMax] notation is a context bound, and is syntactic sugar for:

class C[T](param : T)(implicit bounds: HasMinMax[T]) {
  // now use bounds.minValue or bounds.minValue as required

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