Paste logical conditions in R

I have now rewriten my problem to make it clearer

I want to replace a condition like this where var is a variable in dataframe (dataframe$var) with a paste or other solution as I do have so many condition values(?) (a, b and c in my example).


I have tried to make a list(?) of the condtion values.


And to then use paste to make the logical condition


But that doesn't work

Help please =)



Heed fortune(106):

> fortune(106)

If the answer is parse() you should usually rethink the question.
   -- Thomas Lumley
      R-help (February 2005)

So I would encourage you to rethink what you're trying to do...

I would guess that you could use match or %in% to achieve your desired result, but you haven't told us what you're trying to do.

> sample <- c("a","b","c")
> var <- c("a","d","c")
> eval(parse(text=paste("var==",sample,"",sep="'",collapse="|")))
> var %in% sample

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