chrome scrolling issues after some ajax operations

I am experiencing strange issue with scrolling, After doing some ajax operations on a webpage, which dynamically add & remove contents from the page. Mouse scrolling hangs up (mouse scoll events doesn't work) and pressing UP ARROW key from keyboard solves the problem.

I wonder is there any known issue like that for chrome?


I don't have any js errors on the page, I am simply adding contents to div block dynamically

<div id="ContentArea">
    <!-- load contents here -->

     loadHtml('/my/target/page', 'ContentArea');
     // this contents may vary in size


Similar thing happened to me on StackOverflow when i clicked load (n) new answers while answering some question. (some days ago)


I've had strange problems with Chrome and scrolling, then I uninstalled the SmoothScroll extension and everything worked.

Try disabling all of your extensions and see if the problem persists (note: disabling does not uninstall them but will help you identify if an extension is causing the problem):

Menu button -> Tools -> Extensions

Then click the Disable link on all of them (and you may want to restart Chrome for good measure)

I had similar issues and got them fixed by scrolling to the top/left corner before replacing the content. Just add the following line before you replace anything:

window.scrollTo(0, 0);

I've tested it only with Chromium 9.0.594.0 (67311) on Mac, but I think chances are good that this will work with on other platforms as well.

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