Deserialization of an array always gives an array of nulls

I have a custom abstract base class with sub classes that I've made serializable/deseriablizeable with ISerializable. When I do serialization/deserialization of single instances of this class' sub classes, everything works fine. However, when I do an array of them I always end up with an array of nulls on deserialization. Serialization is done with BinaryFormatter.

The items are contained within a:

public ObservableCollection<Trade> Trades { get; private set; }

On serialization this is done in GetObjectData on the SerializationInfo parameter:

Trade[] trades = (Trade[])Trades.ToArray<Trade>();
            info.AddValue("trades", trades);

And on deserialization this is done in the serialization constructor also on the SerializationInfo parameter:

Trade[] trades = (Trade[])info.GetValue("trades", typeof(Trade[]));

            foreach (Trade t in trades)

Deserialization always gives me an array of nulls and as I mentioned earlier, a single item serializes and deseriaizes just fine with this code:

Serialization (GetObjectData method):

info.AddValue("trade", Trades.First<Trade>());

Deserialization (Serialization Constructor):

Trade t = (Trade)info.GetValue("trade", typeof(Trade));

Is this a common problem? I seem to find no occurrences of anyone else running in to it at least. Hopefully there is a solution :) and if I need to supply you with more information/code just tell me.



Array deserializes first. Then all inner deserialization is done. So when you try to access items, they are null.

And idea to use [OnDeserialized] Attribute on some method, that builds up all other properies. And here is example:

public class TestClass : ISerializable
    private Trade[] _innerList;
    public ObservableCollection<Trade> List { get; set; }

    public TestClass()
    { }

    private void SetValuesOnDeserialized(StreamingContext context)
        this.List = new ObservableCollection<Trade>(_innerList);
        this._innerList = null;

    protected TestClass(SerializationInfo info, StreamingContext context)
        var value = info.GetValue("inner", typeof(Trade[]));
        this._innerList = (Trade[])value;

    public void GetObjectData(SerializationInfo info, StreamingContext context)
        info.AddValue("inner", this.List.ToArray());

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