Inside a bash script, how to get PID from a program executed when using the eval command?

I have commands in a bash script that are similar to this:

eval "( java -classpath ./ $classname ${arguments[@]} $redirection_options $file )" &

However if I do a ps $pid it shows the main script process instead of the process of the java program.

It obtains the correct process when I omit the eval, but in order to get some of the complicated arguments to work correctly I need to use it.

Any idea of how I can get the PID of the java program when it's executed within an eval command?


Your ampersand is backgrounding the eval line, causing the (top-level) shell to fork a child, the child shell to eval the string and in turn run your java program as a grandchild of the top-level shell. So, $! reports the pid of the child shell, which is the most recently backgrounded command.

Instead move the backgrounding inside your eval:

eval "(java ...) &"

As long as the parenthetical doesn't get complicated enough to become a subshell, the above will work.

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