Checking for Constraint

I need to write a SQL script to ensure that a constraint is existing.

If the constraint exists, I will be dropping the constraint. How to achieve this?


IF OBJECT_ID('Schema.constraintname') IS NOT NULL
   ALTER TABLE DROP constarintname

You need Schema.constraintname to correctly resolve schema. You could have 2 PK_foo objects if you have tables and

Need Your Help

How to install subprocess module for python?

python python-2.7 subprocess

pip is not able to find this module, as well as me on pypi website.

Is it ok to submit application with following issue?

iphone memory-management app-store submit instruments

I have developed application and all is well. As well, I also keep memory foot print very low.No leaks show during application run. I tested application more than two hour and there is no crashing

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