MVC Dataannotation validation rule for a collection?

Is there a dataannotation validate rule for a collection based property?

I have the following

  <Range(1, Integer.MaxValue, ErrorMessage:="Please select a category")>
  Property CategoryId As Integer

  <DisplayName("Technical Services")>
  Property TechnicalServices As List(Of Integer)

I'm looking for a validator that i can add to the TechnicalServices property to set a minimum for the collection size.


I think something like this might help:

public class MinimumCollectionSizeAttribute : ValidationAttribute
    private int _minSize;
    public MinimumCollectionSizeAttribute(int minSize)
        _minSize = minSize;

    public override bool IsValid(object value)
        if (value == null) return true;
        var list = value as ICollection;

        if (list == null) return true;

        return list.Count >= _minSize;

There's room for improvement, but that's a working start.

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