How do I split between numbers and characters with regex?

I have a string containing on weekdays and opening hours, how do I split these into lines using a regex expression? An example of a string is:

Mån - Tor6:30 - 22:00Fre6:30 - 20:00Lör9:00 - 18:00Sön10:00 - 19:00

I want to split between a lower letter and a number, and between a number and a capital letter

Mån - Tor  
6:30 - 22:00  
6:30 - 20:00  
9:00 - 18:00  
10:00 - 19:00 

Thanks in advance!


Split on


For example, in C#:

splitArray = Regex.Split(subjectString, @"(?<=\d)(?=\p{L})|(?<=\p{L})(?=\d)");

or in PHP:

$result = preg_split('/(?<=\d)(?=\p{L})|(?<=\p{L})(?=\d)/u', $subject);

or in Java:

String[] splitArray = subjectString.split("(?<=\\d)(?=\\p{L})|(?<=\\p{L})(?=\\d)");

or in Perl:

@result = split(m/(?<=\d)(?=\p{L})|(?<=\p{L})(?=\d)/, $subject);

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