Eclipse on Mac, getting “Specified VM install not found” error when trying to build

When I try and do an Ant build on my mac (Snow Leopard, Eclipse 3.6 - Helios) I get an error dialog that says

"Problem Occured" 'Launching projectName build.xml' has encountered a problem. Specified VM install not found: type Standard VM, name jdk1.5.0_14

I can't even find any preferences setting in Eclipse that specifies for it to use jdk1.5.0_14.

When I went into my preferences and went to the Java section and looked at the Installed JREs, the only one I have specified is 1.6.0. Where is it getting the setting to try and use 1.5? (Or am I barking up the wrong tree?)


Your ant project launcher refers for some reason to a Java 5 environment.

Select "Run as -> Configurations" and locate the ant build. Then indicate you want this configuration to run with a Java 6 JVM.

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