Getting the Last Insert ID with SQLite.NET in C#

I have a simple problem with a not so simple solution... I am currently inserting some data into a database like this:

                kompenzacijeDataSet.KompenzacijeRow kompenzacija = kompenzacijeDataSet.Kompenzacije.NewKompenzacijeRow();
                kompenzacija.Datum = DateTime.Now;
                kompenzacija.PodjetjeID =;
                kompenzacija.Znesek = Decimal.Parse(tbZnesek.Text);


                kompenzacijeDataSetTableAdapters.KompenzacijeTableAdapter kompTA = new kompenzacijeDataSetTableAdapters.KompenzacijeTableAdapter();

                this.currentKompenzacijaID = LastInsertID(kompTA.Connection);

The last line is important. Why do I supply a connection? Well there is a SQLite function called last_insert_rowid() that you can call and get the last insert ID. Problem is it is bound to a connection and .NET seems to be reopening and closing connections for every dataset operation. I thought getting the connection from a table adapter would change things. But it doesn't.

Would anyone know how to solve this? Maybe where to get a constant connection from? Or maybe something more elegant?

Thank you.


This is also a problem with transactions, I would need the same connection if I would want to use transactions, so that is also a problem...


select last_insert_rowid();

And you will need to execute it as a scalar query.

string sql = @"select last_insert_rowid()";
long lastId = (long)command.ExecuteScalar(sql); // Need to type-cast since `ExecuteScalar` returns an object.

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