How i can cast a WNDPROC to a TWndMethod

How i can cast a WNDPROC to a TWndMethod

so far i try this but give me a invalid typecast error.

 TWndMethod(Pointer(GetWindowLong(FHandle, GWL_WNDPROC)));


If you want to subclass a window handle (using SetWindowLong) to process window messages in TWndMethod function, you should not cast the value returned by GetWindowLong(FHandle, GWL_WNDPROC) to TWndMethod. You should use MakeObjectInstance function to obtain a value that can be passed to SetWindowLong instead. Read Sertac Akuyz answer for a general idea.

Note that the need to subclass a window handle is very rare in Delphi applications. Delphi provides several other ways to interfere into window message processing, they are more simple and safe.

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