django model inherit custom manager

I cannot make a django model inherit a custom manager from its parent class. I have done something like the following:

class baseclassmanager(models.Manager):
    """manager for baseclass"""

class baseclass(models.Model):
    baseclass for subclass
    introspection shows this class has a manager of type baseclassmanager 
    objects = baseclassmanager()

class subclass(baseclass):
    introspection shows this class has a manager of type models.Manager
    I want it to have a baseclassmanager manager

I can only imagine that this has something to do with how the metaclass builds the model. Does anybody have a way make the subclass inherit the baseclass's manager? dit seems as if inheritance of managers would be a fairly desirable feature.

Your assistance is appreciated.


The inheritance problem is solved by placing

class Meta:
    abstract = True

in the base class.

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