With regex how do i match between an XML tag multiple times?

First, before you say anything, i HAVE to do this because the RSS is malformed, but i can't correct it on my end. So, while I tried using an RSS and a XML parser, they fail and i only have front end access. However, i'm super close, but i can't figure out why this wont match.

The feed (it's a long 1 line string): http://pastebin.com/5dJhXCvf

First Example:


This i thought worked great with my test of just:

<title>&quot;cterrorism task force&quot; location:oregon - Google News</title>

But the issue is that it matches everything then as one match for example:

<title>&quot;cterrorism task force&quot; location:oregon - Google News</title><title>&quot;cterrorism task force&quot; location:oregon - Google News</title>

Equals 1 result item in my array from exec() and match()

So i tried:


But that returns nothing... Any ideas?


Try non-greedy version <title>(.+?)<\/title>. Here you can test these things online.

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