Printing only in the final page with QuickReport

Here is another question of ancient programming languages, if anybody knows how to print a calculated value only in the last page with Delphi 7 and QuickReport?

I was googling about two hours and I can't find any information on how to use this kinda reports.


Click on the QuickReport and then expand the Bands property in the Object Inspector. Set the HasSummary band to True. You can use a TQRExpr component on the summary band and utilize whatever it supports for functionality to calculate your value, or use a regular TQRLabel or TQRDBText component and display the value you calculate manually in it's OnPrint event - just set the 'Value' parameter to what you want to display on the report.

And as @A.Bouchez said, it's not ancient technology. Delphi is still very much alive and going strong - see the info on the newly released XE version at the URL provided. If you think it's ancient, you should bring your own knowledge up to date. :-)

Perhaps adding a band at the end of the report?

And we're not dealing about archeology here. Delphi is still alive: Delphi XE was just out weeks ago. So this is not "another question of ancient programin' language", but "another question of ancient program"...

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