Where is “Run Tests” in monodevelop

I have a solution already containing a library with NUnit tests. When I develop with Visual Studio, I normally run these tests with the nunit.exe binaries I have included in a tools\nunit folder in my project.

I'm now developing the same solution with monodevelop. I'm pretty sure I remember that there was an integrated "run tests" action in monodevelop, and I would like to use this to run the tests. According to this article there should be a "View - Unit Tests" menu item. However, I must be doing something wrong/special because I can't find it.

How do I run my NUnit tests with Monodevelop?


If you are using Ubuntu, make sure you have the MonoDevelop NUnit plugin installed through the package manager. Once you have it, click on "View -> Pads -> Unit Tests". The unit tests pad will be shown and then you can run test fixtures by double clicking on them.

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