Should I be building GUI applications on Windows using Perl & Tk?

I have a bunch of related Perl scripts that I would like to put together in one convenient place. So I was thinking of building a GUI and incorporating the scripts. I'm using Strawberry Perl on Windows XP and have just installed Tk from cpan about fifteen minutes ago. Before I go for it, I want some sound advice either for or against it.

My other option is to translate the Perl scripts into VB and use Visual Studio 2008, but that might be too much hassle for an outcome that might end up all the same had I just stuck with Perl & Tk.

I haven't looked yet, but maybe there is a module for Visual Studio that would allow me to invoke Perl scripts?

The main requirements are:

  • It must be able to communicate with MySQL
  • It must be able to fetch & parse XML files from the internet
  • It must be transportable, scalable, and sustainable

What direction would you take?


I've built Perl/Tk apps on Windows before and found it just fine, including using PAR to package everything up for distribution to others. It was nice being able to do most of my development on a proper Linux system and have things just magically work on Windows :) The only gotcha I encountered is that Tk doesn't play well with ithreads.

I personally would recommend wxPerl over Tk. It has native looking widgets, at least in my view leads to cleaner code and you can use wxGlade as a GUI designer.

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