Allowing users to login via other networks

I'm currently in the process of dating the data from other networks by the use of Gigya to allow users to login to my site and then post the data with php to my database.

I don't know if this is the best option available as they aren't precise on installing it to post the data etc; they put everything in sub sections on how to do individual things.

I'm curious if there is a custom tutorial on using a different service or making it myself. I've read the API's and developements of some of the site, and facebook using JSON apparently, which I'm not familiar with.


You have two elements in your question.

First, authentication. There are several services offering you multiple networks authentication, but using several of them for a single user is not as common: you will most likely have to do it yourself. To handle multiple identities in parallel, your server will have to store them and manage the session on its own. Gigya is one authentication solution, there is also two other good ones:

Then, using api. To do that, you will have to decide what to do and then call the API yourself using Javascript SDKs or server-side ones. Notice the authentication will need to provide you with oauth (most common authentication method) keys to post messages or fetch data. More here:


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