Facebook Application FBJS help using setInnerXHTML + array

I have a canvas Facebook application, I have all user friends in JS array, and I want to show user friends picture + name one after one, after clicking NEXT button, the code i written is not working :

var friends = new Array(); //Friends Array
for($i=0; $i<= $limit; $i++) //Add to JS array all friends id's from PHP array
echo 'friends['.$i.'] = '.$appfriends[$i][uid].';';

I'm passing to this function the first Array --> 0 to increment it each time Next Friend clicked, and show the next friend picture then change Next Friend URL with the next friend Array Key

function get_friends(id){ 
var fid;
fid = id++;
var fid_img = "<img src=\"https://graph.facebook.com/"+friends[fid]+"/picture\"/>";
var fid_link = "<a href=\"#\" onclick=\"get_friends("+fid+"); return false;\">Next Friend</a>";

//Changing Friend Image

//Changing Next Friend URL

<div id="show_friends">
<img src="https://graph.facebook.com/<?php echo $appfriends[0][uid];?>/picture"/>


<span id="next_friend"><a href="#" onclick="get_friends(0); return false;">Next Friend</a></span>

FBJS Documentation : http://developers.facebook.com/docs/fbjs

Sorry for my bad english. Thanks in advance!


I solved the problem, to create an Array using FBJS you have to use

var arrayname = [];

//instead of

var arrayname = new Array;

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