How to redirect output to different directory in BASH?

I have 3 directories named: /home/user/control4 , /home/user/control8 ,/home/user/control16

I have written a script file which has two loops , the first one is running a simulation, producing 3 files named cc1.txt cc2.txt, and cc3.txt and a second loop is for the names of directory

I like to direct cc1.txt, cc2.txt, cc3.txt to /home/user/control4,/home/user/control8 ,/home/user/control16, respectively. What is the exact syntax for doing this in BASH?

Thanks for your help.

My script file look likes this

for j in $(4 8 16 ) # loop for directories
for i in $(seq 1 3) # loop for simulations  
.... produce cc1.txt cc2.txt cc3.txt 

How to output the three files to the respective directories? something like /home/user/control$j/cc$i.txt?



for j in /home/user/control{4,8,16}
    for i in cc{1,2,3}.txt
        produce "$j/$i"

That will produce nine files. If you want one file per directory for a total of three files, some math might do the trick.

for i in {1..3}
    produce "/home/user/control$((2*2**i))/cc$i.txt"

cat cc$i.txt > /home/user/control$j/cc$i.txt

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