iPhone UITableView Nested Sections

For the acani iPhone app, I'd like display groups (based on interests) in a UITableView. I'd like to organize the groups taxonomically, e.g.:

  • Sports
    • Bat-and-ball
      • Baseball
      • Softball
      • Cricket
    • Hockey
      • Field Hockey
      • Ice Hockey
      • Roller Hockey
  • Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Biochemical Engineering

How should I arrange this on a UITableView?

I'm thinking that there should be a root UITableView that will have the sections Sports & Engineering, and the cells Bat-and-ball & Hockey will be under the Sports section, and the cells Electrical Engineering & Biochemical Engineering will be under the Engineering section.

Then Bat-and-ball should have its own UITableView, which should have cells Baseball, Softball, and Cricket.

Does this sound like a good way to arrange the UI?

Do you have any sample code or links to Xcode sample code for a UI like this? There's gotta be an Xcode sample project that does something like this. Perhaps the periodic table of elements project or Core Data Books?




You got it. A UITableView really isn't designed to show more than two levels of a hierarchy, as sections and rows. If you want to show more than two levels, a "drill-down" approach used in most (all?) iOS apps, where tapping a row presents another UITableView on the navigation stack. (As you say.)

There are lots of Apple sample code projects that use this design pattern.

Edit: just checked and DrillDownSave is a good example, as is SimpleDrillDown.

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