Get word from string - PHP

I am trying to extract a word that matches a specific pattern from various strings.

The strings vary in length and content.

For example:

I want to extract any word that begins with jac from the following strings and populate an array with the full words:

  • I bought a jacket yesterday.
  • Jack is going home.
  • I want to go to Jacksonville.

The resulting array should be [jacket,Jack,Jacksonville]

I have been trying to use preg_match() but for some reason it won't work. Any suggestions???

$q = "jac";
$str = "jacket";

print $matches[1];

This returns null :S. I dunno what the problem is.


You can use preg_match as:

preg_match("/\b(jac.+?)\b/i", $string, $matches);

See it

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