Defining a different primary key in Mongomapper

I am defining a primary key in MongoMapper.

class B
  key :_id, string
  key :externalId, string

The problem is that everything i add a new record in B, it appears that I need to explicity specify the _id, when it is already defined in the external id>"123", :external_id=>"123 )

That does not quite make sense. There should be a way to specify externalId as the primary key, no?


If your problem is with BSON::ObjectId, I created a plugin that can help you, this plugin adds auto incremented id for MongoMapper documents

movie = Movie.create(:title => 'The Simpsons Movie') # BSON::ObjectId('4d1d150d30f2246bc6000001')
# Here is the mongomapper_id2
movie.id2 # 1

movie2 = Movie.create(:title => 'Pirates of Silicon Valley')
movie2.id2 # 2

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