Getting error Can't Modify Frozen Object while using memcached in Rails

I'm having a problem with memcached.

I'm using the example by Gregg Pollack here


def self.recent
    Rails.cache.fetch('recent_posts', :expires_in => 15.minutes) do
        self.order('id DESC').limit(15)

In my controller I call it with @posts = Post.recent and it's written to the cache. If I reload the page I get the error TypeError: can't modify frozen object.

I tried the same thing in the console and I get the same error. The first time I execute @posts = Post.recent, the key recent_posts is added to the cache. When I execute the same command the second time, I get the frozen error.

I'm using Rails 3.0.1 and working in development mode.

Am I doing something wrong here?




You are caching sorting options, not any actual results. When you perform the query, Rails will modify your query options, which won't work, because something from cache is considered immutable.

Try this:

def self.recent
  Rails.cache.fetch('recent_posts', :expires_in => 15.minutes) do
    self.order("id DESC").limit(15).all

Now you'll store an array of posts, which you can later use.

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