Eclipse specific colour change with new Ubuntu themes

All but one colour is a problem in Eclipse with the new Ubuntu (10.10) dark themes. I want to change only this one, not the theme.

This is the background/colour used by Eclipse in lists (Explorer, Open Resource) when an item is pre selected (a selected item displays ok).

The current display is white on light-grey, not easily readable.

Where can I change that?


Update July 2012 (18 months later):

With the latest Eclipse4.2 (June 2012, "Juno") release, you won't depend on the OS colors anymore. See the article by Lars Vogel in "Eclipse 4 is beautiful – Create your own Eclipse 4 theme":

If you want to play with it, you only need to write a plug-in, create a CSS file and use the org.eclipse.e4.ui.css.swt.theme extension point to point to your file. If you export your plug-in, place it in the “dropins” folder of your Eclipse installation and your styling is available.

Original answer: December 2010

It is a system color (a background color based on the underlying OS system color properties), so you will have to change a property in the theme, not a setting in Eclipse.

For instance, see "How to change the color of menu text?" (but this may not be exactly how your dark theme works and you will need to tweak the ~/.gnome* files)

just want to say that I had the same problem and that changing the "selected entry" text colour of the theme to #8C8C8C fixed it for me without hurting the themes "look and feel"

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