Is there a way to delete all Facebook wall posts prior to a specified date?

I've just inherited a long-neglected Facebook page with a deep backlist of spam and unwanted wall posts, which engulf the front page. I don't want to hide the entire wall, because I'm posting new content, but it will be a while before the new stuff bumps the spam below the fold.

I know I can manually remove individual posts from the wall, but is there any way to delete posts in bulk, ideally before a specified date?


There is, though it's a little convoluted.

First you need to have the person that is the admin of the page authorize your application and obtain the manage_pages extended permission. You'll probably also want the publish_stream and offline_access permissions.

Then you run the query:

Where the UNIXTIMESTAMP is the time you went to get the posts up until. You can generate timestamps here.

You can then parse and grab all of the post ids and then run the query:

on each of the posts.

Alternatively you could use something like iMacro to just run a script on the page that will automatically delete all of the posts (though it would be difficult to stop at a particular date IMO).

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