Making my application crash more gracefully

I have an app that is running pretty stably (no more crashes actually), but as everybody knows your program crashes as soon as it gets in the hands of somebody else :D

What I would like is to find a(all) the place(s) where I can put a try{}catch(){} to be able catch and control what happens when the app crashes unexpectedly (display a better message, send log, possible recovery...)

I know its surely not that simple but still it would be good if there was a way to catch most of them.

(for example there is a small bug in GLSurfaceView that when it is being closed causes sometimes to crash because of an EGL swap buffer)

any ideas?


You should take a look at this article:

But be careful when using this, you might mask errors in your application and if you resort to this to just pretend your app is working, you're doing it wrong :)

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