python: how to import * and call imported functions when package is directory not file

if I'm developing a client-server app and have 3 files,, and, and has a useful function "normalize()", it's easy from both client and server to "from common import *; url = normalize(url)". however, if for various and strange reasons I'd rather have separate subdirectories client, server, and common, and each function have its own file, there doesn't seem to be a similar shortcut; I have to fiddle with sys.path, then after the import I need to use "url=normalize.normalize(url)". I'm sure I could program a workaround, but is there already some pythonic way of handling this that I'm unaware of?

[update: answered] here's how I did it after following Ignacio's advice:

jcomeau@intrepid:~/rentacoder/jcomeau/openid$ cat common/; client/
import os, sys
for module in os.listdir(os.path.dirname(__file__)):
 print >>sys.stderr, 'module: %s' % module
 name, extension = os.path.splitext(module)
 if extension == '.py' and not name.startswith('_'):
  importer = 'from %s import %s' % (name, name)
  print >>sys.stderr, 'import statement: %s' % importer
import statement: from normalize import normalize
module: __init__.pyc
module: normalize.pyc
('', '')


Anything the within the directory imports will be imported on import * provided it's not restricted by __all__.

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