On linux is there any tool can compare 2 flolders and produce a patch file?

A,B,C file in directory /opt/src

D,E,A file in dircory /opt/dest

compare src and dest, figure out should add B,C to dest and delete D,E, and see if A is changed

and give A a binary patch or just to overwrite it.

all this operation pack in a patch file,including the changed and the missed file content, I can copy this file to another machine to execute.

I know it's simple to write some program to do this, but I don't want invent the wheel again

rsync seems meet most of my needs but don't know how to make a patch.



old way: diff -uNr /opt/src /opt/dest > /tmp/src.patch

there are programs that automate the process, such as makepatch.

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