Error #1203: No default constructor

i'm having a hard time understanding custom events and I keep getting this same error: 1203: No default constructor found in base class I tried to read online for a solution, but nothing helped me. I was wondering what is my error. Basically, what I want to do is create a class that will, depending of the level of difficulty (3 in total), create different objects on the scene. Here's the code:

I call it with a dispatchEvent like so:

dispatchEvent(new creationObjets(_Difficulte));


package cem{
    import flash.display.*;

    public class creationObjets extends Event
        public function creationObjets(pDifficulte) {


I have no idea what i'm not doing wrong (or just what I am doing, period... haha). If you know the answer, maybe a little explication would help me a lot! Thank you!

*edit: i just added super(pDifficulte); after the trace and no error came. I have no idea what super() does. I just did that based on examples...


You should do something like this:

public class NewClass extends Event{
    public function NewClass(type:String) {

The super() method calls the constructor of the Event class. You should be familiar with it if you have some knowledge about OOP. The C# equivalent is base()

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