Delay and or resend Devise's confirmation email for manually created users

I'm using Devise to allow user signup as-well-as using my own user admin to create users manually. When I create a user in the admin, Devise sends a confirmation immediately to the new user. I believe this is due to the fact that both devise and my admin use the same model. How do I delay this email until the administrator is ready to send it?

Additionally, Devise's validation is requiring the admin set a password for the new user. I would much prefer the manually created users specify their own password when they respond the confirmation. Right now manually created users will not know their password unless I send it too them in a supplemental email.


We do this in one of our apps. You can tell Devise NOT to automatically deliver the confirmation like this:


And then later, you can do


For Rails 2.x you'd do something like:


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