What is RequestCacheLevel.BypassCache internally?

The documentation on RequestCacheLevel.BypassCache doesn't explain much on the internal working of setting this with HttpWebRequest. Some questions I have on it:

  • What cache is this refering to?
  • Is this setting adding any cache control headers?
  • How does this compare with NoCacheNoStore & Reload which do set headers?
  • If I want to ensure (as much as possible from the client side) that the content does not come from cache is this the best option?


To answer my own question:

  • HttpWebRequest does make use of the IE cache and RequestCacheLevel.BypassCache is refering to that cache.
  • The setting is adding cache control headers
  • Compared to NoCacheNoStore both avoid the cache, however this will load to the cache so if you do a future request it will be there. Reload does similar but the headers allow proxies to return from their cache where this tells proxies to ignore their cache too.
  • Yes, it is the best option ;)

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