Oracle multiple inserts, different ids

I want to move some data from one table to another. I wrote a query that I think will work, but in the destination table, there is a column that contains an id. I want each row I insert to have a different and consecutive id. Here is a simplificated example:

Name Telephone Actie
Peter 123456 Y
Michael 111111 Y
George 1234445 N

Id Name Likes
1 Peter Books
2 Michael Books

The query I wrote:

insert all into table2 (name, likes)
select name, 'Books' likes, from (select
  from table1 o where'Y') all;

Is there any way of generating the consecutive ids and use the "insert all into" query? A sequence? If it can be made with a sequence... is there any way of doing it without a sequence?

Thanks and regards!


The proper way to generate id's in Oracle is by using a sequence.

create sequence seq_table2_id nocache;

Then upon inserting call seq_table2_id.nextval.

insert into table2 (id, name, likes)
select seq_table2_id.nextval
,      'Books'
from   table1 o
where = 'Y'

Personally I use a trigger to automatically call the sequence on inserts, but there are people who dislike using triggers.

You can use ROWNUM:

insert into table2 (id, name, likes)
select ROWNUM, name, 'Books' likes from (select
  from table1 o where'Y') all;

I'm not sure why you have the subquery (perhaps your real query is more complex?) You could write:

insert into table2 (id, name, likes)
select ROWNUM,, 'Books' likes 
  from table1 o where'Y';

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