How to create a little database with search function and pdf download / upload

I'm trying to code a small program for my friend's company. They build metal cabinets and every cabinet is made out of several parts. So when a customer tells them they need a new cabinet, they tell them the single part numbers. My friend needs now a little tool/database where he can look after those part numbers and if there is an entry, he can download the corresponding blueprint (saved as PDF). Of course the program needs also a function to create a new entry and uploading a PDF file with this entry.

The program needs only to be installed local on one windows machine.

Now I need to know if there is maybe a special way to solve this. It would be helpful if someone could give me some keywords, so I can google it and figure out how to begin :)

I have basic skills in C++ and Java and willing to learn new stuff :)



Have used sqlite for database applications and found it to have a lot of functionality and speed. It lacks all the advanced database admin stuff but for single user/embedded databases its ideal. I use it over MySQL because of a significant performance improvement. It has a Java interface via java.sql.Connection.

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