Creating table with the same columns as in a csv

I am writing a stored procedure which is supposed to take data from a csv file and insert into a table. My problem is that the number of columns in the csv file are not fixed(ie number of columns is variable). So I need some way to create a temporary table with exactly the same number of columns as in the csv file. So that I can use bulk insert.


You could use Powershell to process the CSV file, there is an example here which you could probably adapt to take account of the variable number of fields. You can build the SQL to create a table and then issue a bulk load.

improved nadeems script... A little bit more robust.

This code is excelent for loading multiple CSV files without using the default wizzards.



CREATE proc [dbo].[importeer_csv_as_table]
@path nvarchar(255),
@new_table_name varchar(255), 
@field_terminator varchar(255),
@row_terminator varchar(255)
declare @execsql nvarchar(max)
declare @tempstr varchar(max)
declare @col varchar(max)
declare @table nvarchar(max)
declare @drop_table varchar(max)

-- Create a temp table to with one column to hold the first row of the csv file

  create table #tbl (line varchar(1000))
   set @execsql = 
        'bulk insert #tbl  
        from ''' + @path + '''  
        with (  
                 fieldterminator =''' + @row_terminator + ''',
                 firstrow = 1,  
                 rowterminator = ''' + @row_terminator + ''',
                 lastrow = 1 

   exec sp_executesql @stmt=@execsql 

   --replace field terminator with comma
   update #tbl set line = replace(line, @field_terminator, ',')

   set @col = ''
   set @tempstr = (select top 1 rtrim(replace(line, char(9), ',')) from #tbl)
   drop table #tbl
   while charindex(',',@tempstr) > 0

       set @col=@col + '[' + ltrim(rtrim(substring(@tempstr, 1, charindex(',',@tempstr)-1))) + '] varchar(max),'     

       set @tempstr = substring(@tempstr, charindex(',',@tempstr)+1, len(@tempstr)) 
    set @col = @col + '[' + @tempstr + '] varchar(max)'

   if object_id(@new_table_name) is not null
      set @drop_table = 'drop table [' + @new_table_name + ']'

      exec sp_executesql @stmt= @drop_table

   set @table = 'create table [' + @new_table_name + '] (' + @col + ')'

   --select @table

   exec sp_executesql @stmt=@table

   --Load data from csvle
   set @execsql = 
        'bulk insert [' + @new_table_name + ']
        from ''' + @path + '''  
        with (  
                 fieldterminator =''' + @field_terminator + ''',
                 firstrow = 2,  
                 rowterminator = ''' + @row_terminator + '''              

   exec sp_executesql @stmt=@execsql 



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