PHPBB with wordpress

How to integrate phpbb with a wordpress site. When ever a user registered on my site automatically creates a forum account also. Any body knows the solution for this please help me.


Did you check WP-UNITED

WP-United glues together phpBB forums and WordPress blogs.

From simple single sign-on, to fully automatic template integrations, WP-United can help you create a fully-featured, compelling community site.

Need Your Help

Why create new thread with startAsync instead of doing work in servlet thread?

servlets servlet-3.0

In servlet 3.0 one can use startAsync to put long work in another thread, so that you can free up servlet thread.

LINQ join 2 lists

sql .net linq

I want to select my products regarding their tags. I pass a list of tags to the method. Each product can have one or many tags, each tag can be applied to one or many products.