Deploying a Rails app offline and with all dependencies intact

My goal is to deploy an existing Rails app on a machine. Oh, and the machine is on a handful of terminals in a remote community in the north of Australia. Oh, and I can't rely on there being Internet access for troubleshooting or admin purposes.

I'd like to package the app with a fresh copy of Rails and all of the apps dependencies (some of which must be built natively) so that the server can be run and a browser used as the front-end. The remote machines are modern Macs, and I should be able to replicate the configuration for testing here.

I've spotted some projects like Locomotive and Joyent Slingshot, as mentioned in this thread, but both of those projects seem to have been abandoned, and this link is Windows-specific.

Does anyone have any guidance as to what the modern way of doing this is? A community project thanks you in advance :)


Well, assuming those remove machines have Ruby available, you could use Bundler to freeze all your gems in your project:

bundle package


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