Delphi 7 RLINK32 Error reading dfm file - failed read

I just run into a problem that came out of nowhere... A DFM file gets read just fine from Delphi when project is built, but when I build it from command line (dcc32) I get error Error: RLINK32: Error reading file "update.dfm" Failed read

What is more stranger another project containing same file builds with no error from both Delphi and dcc.

Does anyone have a clue of what could cause something like this?

I tried to build from another location, still same.

Operating system is Windows Server 2008. Permissions seems correct.


Use SysInternals Process Monitor, and watch when it goes looking for update.dfm.

You'll probably see DCC32 frantically searching everywhere for update.dfm (except the place where it is). Or maybe it will find it, but OpenFile fails with an error.

Either way: you'll find out what exactly is going on.

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